German status

So this is where I am on German-learning. At Duolingo, I’m on Level 11 at 28% fluency. In the Duolingo tree, that means I’m on Dative Pronouns (ugh, German pronouns).

I’ve only been using Memrise recently to supplement Duolingo in building my vocabulary. I went through German 1 fairly quickly and I’ve finished around half of German 2.

I signed up at Busuu and I’m on lesson 4 there, but somehow I don’t find it as satisfying. I mostly ended up giving feedback to people learning English. I also tried DW’s Deutsch– warum nicht? but didn’t really find it my style. Too slow, too long. I’m gonna give DW’s site another try someday.

The thing is I’m currently taking a break from German. Because I found out my pronunciation needs A LOT of work. So I’m scouring Youtube for all the people giving pronunciation guides. Need to master those sounds first before I go back to the regular stuff again.


Learning is fun!

I’m starting this blog to keep track of my progress through several free courses online. The Internet is a wondrous thing and as I try to learn new stuff, I thought I’d document it and write my thoughts here.

Courses I’m currently taking:

Courses I had just finished:

Courses I’m about to take:

That’s it for now.